Who are those who come for treatments?

The variety of patients runs through all layers of the population. Including men and women from all ages (2 years old, till 99.5 years old), and even babies in their mother's womb. Secular, religious, those who believe in possibilities beyond western medicine and those who don't. People who have been physically damaged and haven't found solutions in regular forms of treatment, and people who are searching for better ways to support their life activities even if they are not suffering any malfunctions.

The percentage of dancers and musicians within the group of patients is higher than that in the society, which in my opinion has to do with their dependency on physical activity for their occupation, and bringing it to extreme complexities. They practically provoke their personal abilities, as they have developed through their lives, and take those to the extreme edges. While known medicine usually has no adequate response to their needs, through our system they find solutions.

In most cases, regardless of the cause and scale of damage, major improvements in capabilities are sited, both in quality and in quantity. We have no knowledge of such success in any other discipline.

Which medical issues or problems can this method resolve?

The method is very efficient in the various motor-skill difficulties or damages. From repeating pain in various places in the body, and up to sever damages caused by accidents or malfunctions in daily life.

We have success with sever disk hernia recovery in the spine, with full recovery after damage to knee cartilage, torn ligaments (cross and side ligaments) in the knees, ankle problems, shoulders and elbows.

We've sited success with treating fiber-mialegy and vertigo and many other issues. The recovery percentage is high.

In some of these cases, where a CAT scan or an MRI where re-done, results proved full recovery!!

We follow with great enthusiasm and excitement, various recovery processes. Both in motor and in mental aspects. Each recovery brings new learning and improvement of skill, canceling out conventional ways of thought regarding healing and ability limits.

Remarkable facts and outcomes, inviting proper research into. So far we haven't had the time to do that research nor have we found the right people to take it upon themselves.

What happens during our treatment? A short answer, just a single sentence …

The question seems simple; the answer is not so simple …

A smart answer should take into account different reference levels, in order to allow the selection of a level that suits the degree of exploration and patience of each interested person, at any given time. I usually start with one sentence, provocative as it may be, and try to discover the willingness to hear more details, level after level, as much as the asking person continues to challenge us.

First level of detailing-

“During the treatment, while implementing gentle movements, the patient receives a transfusion of life … just like that!”

Short and sweet, isn’t it? But not always clear …

It is also possible to expand, and to lean on the conventional rules of anatomy and physiology, as I propose at the second level of detailing.

Second level of detailing-

It is possible to see and understand the treatment as a dialogue -richer than the usual one that implements a direct “interlocution”, as in hypnosis at the subconscious level- between body and mind. We are used to see the functional patterns between the mind and the body as a unilateral move where are transferred instructions from the brain that gives orders to the executing body. But it is not so, it is evident that between these two there is -and should be- a rich dialogue of give and take and endless mutual enrichment.

During the treatment, repeatedly sending movement through, it is as if we infuse light beams or radar waves (to be defined as you wish) that sweep and illuminate all the body’s systems, lightening them up from inside the functional issues, clarifying and improving unresolved body areas. Our human control and command systems know how to identify swiftly what we need, to repair immediately what needs to be repaired and to draw conclusions for an effective and better future actuation.

The course of our very profound and direct treatment reminds the development of an infant, which is more powerful than any other learning process that we acquired along the modern human history and until our days.

Furthermore, it is also possible to expand beyond our habitual way of thinking and to mobilize tools that belong to a more abstract area and that until now it is not possible to measure them technologically or scientifically, but with the assistance of our imagination they open an aperture to fascinating insights that broaden and make more effective our treatment approach, in a proven manner. Hereunder I offer a more detailed explanation, at the third level of detailing.

Third level of detailing-

We may imagine the body at its energetic level as a gamut of motion passageways: “Movement Sleeves”. They cross the entire body as an extensive high way network (or, if you wish, as a traffic rivers’ network) where are central sleeves (“highways”) with interchanges, cross-roads and passages that serve all our movement needs in the body and between the body and its surroundings, outside and inside. They should be clean and open for movement in any place and at any moment. This is the characteristic of the proper movements, and it is important because if they are not sufficiently open is damaged our ability to take advantage of the resources and to express effectively our natural capabilities. Blocked Movement Sleeves result into compromises at the outcome level and functions. The resulting compromises, frustrations and conflicts in our human system are the source of the system’s weakening, pain and disease, damage to the quality of life and even the shortening of our life. The practitioner moves the patient’s body and by doing so clarifies to the system what are the problems in the Movement Sleeves, enabling to repair and to improve all the circulations and all the functions in the body starting with the basic inner metabolism and ending with the functions between us and the surrounding world in an interrelationship completely symbiotic.

What is in the “Movement Sleeves” (our own term) and what flows through them to justify and clarify the overriding importance of dealing with them?

Through our human body pass different flows, such as the digestive system that receives food from outside, makes the food undergo digestion processes for the benefit of the body, and takes out the waste for the benefit of other entities; or the respiratory system that receives air from outside, makes the air undergo separation and processing processes for the benefit of the body, and takes out the waste for the benefit of other entities. The same happens with the “Movement Sleeves” system that receives vibrations from outside, transfers them identified as movement that passes through the body and releases them outside also for the benefit of other entities that will use them for their own purposes. This vibration that passes through the body is a life frequency that comprises all the codes of the living needs -ours and of other living creatures- and is the universe’s basic frequency. This frequency (or rather, a group of these frequencies) brings to us the current update of the life frequencies and enables us to stay relevant in all the life codes as an expression to the changes that always occur in the world surrounding us. This is a ceaseless update and invigoration process that our system needs in order to take care of himself as relevant vis a vis an incessantly changing world. This system, as the digestive, respiratory and others systems -identified and not identified- are the indispensable participants for the preservation and subsistence of our symbiosis with the entire creation surrounding us. These are tools that participate in this mighty metabolism carried out by the entire cosmos.

The mentioned frequencies are the main component of our living cell’s web. This living cell is the foundation for the different tissues, each in its area of specialization, for a rich and well balanced actuation of our entire body. They are the foundation for our life’s formulas, the human DNA (as the DNA of other creatures: fauna, flora and inanimate) that contains all our founding elements from the sperm and ovule that ripen into a human being that does not cease growing, changing and developing; all the mystery of our existence, the maintenance and emergency that will serve us when needed, and even the biological clock that will dictate and guide us from our birth and until perishing, throughout the course of our lives.

In brief, this movement that always passes through our “Movement Sleeves” is the knowledge that allows our existence within the wonder of the Creation and the uninterrupted balance between this wonder and us, always. The compilation of these frequencies is the codex that encloses inside all the answers to what was, for what it is, and what will be. It is the foundation to the essence that stands behind the expression “there will be no change” in its different and variable compositions, and this real thing is what flows and should flow in our “Movement Sleeves”.


These beats frequencies through the “Movement Sleeves” (every one and his personal and special beat, through the movement of the patient’s body) is the significance of this symbol of “injection of life infusion” that we placed in the framework of the “first level of detailing”.

I do hope that we succeeded to close nicely the circle created here in response to the question “What happens in the treatment according to the Ilan Lev Method”. If we did not succeed, please accept our apologies.

Is there a limit to our therapeutic capabilities? If so, what is this limit?

Since we ‘scratch” so little of our enormous existential capabilities, it is difficult to draw a true and valid line to our existential and therapeutic capabilities.

In fact, the limit to our capability to heal and to improve depends -on one hand- on the ridge of the patient’s capability to open for us and for him/her the correct way to any point in time, and -on the other hand- on the practitioner’s capability to develop a rich dialogue in order to make the most of the patient’s willingness and adulthood to acquire more and more capabilities.

As we understand it, it is an inviting, infinite, propagative and exciting path. What do you think?