"I love people, love to help, love challenges. I'm curious, like new things, thrills. I love the unknown..."

Ilan Lev

Born in 1939 in Kibbutz Gan Shmuel, Ilan Lev began his career as a farmer, and later entered the field of education, art, and the 'body arts.' He studied math and economics and was the economist of the Teva Company and later, the chief economist of Osem.

He is married for the third time to Shiraz Ben Yehuda and the father of two children from his current marriage. His first wife committed suicide two years after their marriage. From his second marriage to pianist Naomi Lev, they had four children: Eddie, who was a pilot in the IDF and killed in 1981 in a plane crash, Tomer, pianist, and professor of music and director of the Tel Aviv University Academy of Music. Nimrod, who is a musician and creator of well-known hits, and Noa Lev, who previously worked in television and now specializes in therapy.

My Path To The Method

I have been formally certified in reflexology, bio-energy, and the Feldenkrais Method, and all of these methods have supported my work as a therapist during the last 30 years. I have relied on and was inspired by these techniques, on the path of my development and the making of my method- The Ilan Lev Method. The method was developed in order to provide an innovative, interdisciplinary response to the needs of my patients, and has made a long way, to become what it is today.

​Patients arrive with vast areas of complaints spanning from body-aches, motoric difficulties to a need to improve their lifestyle. Some arrive for emergency treatments and others for routine ones, mostly after having been unable to find other solutions to their motoric and overall body wellbeing-related problems.

​Amongst my patients are many musicians and dancers, including the Batsheva Dance Company and members of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.


Ilan Lev is known worldwide as a therapist and teacher, basing most of his work in Israel, the USA, and Europe.

What brought you to treat people?

"I love people, love to help, love challenges. I'm curious, like new things, thrills. I love the unknown and its usage. I take responsibility, love compassion, hope, the sparkle in the eyes, I look for excitement, love feelings and I see in these the nature of life. It's very important for me to excite those I meet and those I'm with, and I see in this the materials for a true dialogue, fertile and a basis for endless giving".

​"I love movement, touch, deep human communication. I love removing obstacles, I look for new horizons and wish to share them with others. I don't like prejudice, dictations. I love options and openness, I encourage chances, like to share and give respect. I feel for those in pain and happy for those who are happy."I don't sit on the bench.."

"I've been through a lot in life, received and given, shared with many by my side and still are, as well as those who are gone, leaving their spirit with me. After the loss of my firstborn son, in the army, all these meetings came together to lead and ripen me towards the therapeutic path in all its power".
"I owe my thanks to all those who led me from my different paths into the one I'm on this day. Through reflexology, bio-energy, and particularly the Feldenkrais method (of which I see myself as a continuer of Moshe Feldenkrais, and a developer of his method), I came to my own special path in treatment, which I offer to patients and to those who continue my work after me".

- Ilan Lev